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Horses on the pasture

Living Horse Museum - De Hollandsche Manege

Going outside

On a beautiful piece of land not far from here, our horses enjoy unlimited grass, space and freedom, sun and fresh air.

Here at the Living Horsemuseum- Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam there is no possibility to put the horses outside on the land.

That is why they often stand together in one of the arenas so that they can play, socialize and have the space to roam freely.

It is neccesarly for the horses to walk out freely and enjoy fresh grass. Because of this the family Valk bought some acres in the county North-Holland, here the horses can enjoy their holiday. The horses rotate and will always enjoy atleast a week on the field. 

During the summer holidays all the horses and ponies will be going on holiday for two weeks. The riding school is then closed, but the museum is open for the Dutch Equine Art Fair.

During the autumn holiday all horses and ponies will have another week of holiday. 

Hollandsche Manege Paarden Weiland
Hollandsche Manege Paarden Weiland
On a holiday

Horses must of course also be able to free range in the pasture and enjoy fresh grass. That is why the Valk family has purchased a piece of land in North Holland, where the horses can regularly go to enjoy a holiday. The horses rotate and take turns going to pasture for a week or more.

During the summer holidays and autumn, all horses and ponies go on holiday for two weeks at the same time. Our riding school is then closed.

Hollandsche Manege Paarden Weiland

Loading the horses is always a spectacle. The horses are used to it by now. They are escorted from the stables to the Overtoom. There are two huge wagons waiting for the horses to be loaded.

Curious how that goes? Watch the videos.

Video afspelen over Paarden inladen Overtoom

The horses are so sweet walking on the big wagon. They are used to it by now. Although they are used to the crowds, it is of course wonderful for them that they also regularly go to the country.

Video afspelen over Pony's inladen Overtoom

The ponies also go along on the wagon without a murmur. Time for a well-deserved vacation.

Video afspelen over Inladen paarden vrachtwagen

With our own truck we also take some horses with us. We also use this truck for competitions and outdoor trips. By the way, we will get new, smaller cars at the end of 2023.

Video afspelen over Paarden uitladen weiland

This is of course ultimate enjoyment. All of us can run and scurry around on the meadow.

Mission and vision

The Riding School

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