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Living Horse Museum - De Hollandsche Manege

The equine world

In the Living Horse Museum we tell the story of the world of the horse. Topics such as horse husbandry, (classical) horse riding and the history of this special city riding school are discussed.

As the oldest – still in use – city riding school, this equestrian monument lends itself perfectly to sharing local history with its visitors.

In addition to visitors to the museum, the riding school is also visited daily by many riders from the city and immediate surroundings.

Museum paarden Amsterdam
Museum paarden Amsterdam Hollandsche Manege
De Hollandsche Manege

As a decorated monument, the Hollandsche Manege is the most important object of the museum collection. In addition, story-supporting objects have been collected over time.

Currently, the Living Horse Museum has an active collection policy regarding subject-related objects, consisting of:

  • Historic riding accessories
  • Historical images (photographs, prints and other archival materials)
  • Story-supporting objects concerning ‘the world of the horse’, ‘classical riding art’ and ‘horse husbandry’
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The organisation

Mission and vision

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