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Sidesaddle show

Living Horse Museum - De Hollandsche Manege

Sidesaddle Show

Riding on a side saddle seems to have become a phenomenon of times gone by. At the Hollandsche Manege we honor this tradition for Amazons.

Our Vondel Carousel group shows her beautiful maneuvers on sunday twice a month during a performance. The other 2 sundays are filled with a demonstration of our students from Blok.

Afterwards, visitors can experience for themselves what it is like to ride with the side saddle. Those who dare can try a round.


The performance can be seen every Sunday. We start at 1:30 PM and the show lasts half an hour.


It is not necessary to make a reservation. You can buy the tickets online or at the entrance of our museum at Vondelstraat 140.

Carrousel show demonstratie dameszadel
Carrousel demonstratie dameszadel show paarden

High tea

To complete your visit, book a delicious high tea during the demonstration.

You can enjoy it on our historic balcony and watch the demo at the same time.

Of course you can also enjoy the high tea in our foyer after the show.

The costs for a high tea are € 29,50 per person + € 5 for the entrance of the museum.

There is unlimited tea or coffee, there are mini baguettes with brie, salmon and ham, we have varying cakes, scones, petit fours and chocolates. The execution of the high tea may differ slightly, depending on the purchase.

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please state this in the application. We can (to a certain extent) take this into account.

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The Riding School

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