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Living Horse Museum - De Hollandsche Manege


The Living Horse Museum is a foundation with an ANBI status. The mission of the Living Horse Museum is to present the art of equestrianism and the world of the horse to the widest possible audience in its historic, monumental environment: De Hollandsche Manege.

The foundation board is advised by external advisers. The organization is divided into five areas:

  • Museum Shop & Public
  • Education & Collection
  • Building & Technical Service
  • Activities & Events
  • Fundraising & Rentals

In total, about 20 people (paid and unpaid) are connected to the Living Horse Museum.

Stichting Levend Paarden Museum
Stichting Levend Paarden Museum
Organization overview​

Composition of the Foundation Board

Chairman: Joost van Gransberg
Secretary: Elsbeth Bos
Treasurer: Teun Teeuwissen

On request: Retirement schedule and overview of additional positions board members Stichting Levend Paarden Museum Hollandsche Manege – July 2023.


Founding Living Horse Museum / de Hollandsche Manege follows a number of guidelines for good, responsible and transparent management. With its establishment in February 2013, the foundation endorses the governance model – as described in the Cultural Governance Code – and fully applies it.

Financial Reports

Organisatie Levend Paarden Museum
Living Horse Museum Amsterdam Vondelpark


Living Horse Museum has the status of cultural ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)

Committee of Recommendation

The Living Horse Museum has found a number of ambassadors willing to commit to the organization. We strive for a balanced combination of local, cultural and equestrian figureheads.


We have the ambition to set up an international network of equestrian monuments or organizations around us in the coming years. By joining forces we can learn from each other and set up joint activities.


The Living Horse Museum runs almost entirely on voluntary efforts. Do you have some time to spare and do you have a warm heart for the Hollandsche Manege? Register now!

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Vision and mission

The Riding School

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