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Thelwell's Pony Parade

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Thelwell’s Pony Parade: A Century of Charm and Wit

Celebrating the life of illustrator Norman Thelwell

The humorous and whimsical world of Norman Thelwell

Embark on a captivating journey through the life and artistic contributions of British illustrator Norman Thelwell at the Thelwell’s Pony Parade exhibition. From his early beginnings to his enduring legacy, this exhibition showcases Thelwell’s unique ability to capture the charm and wit of everyday life.

From early beginnings to exceptional career

Inspired by his love for animals, especially ponies, Thelwell’s whimsical illustrations brought to life their lovable quirks and antics. As his talent flourished, he developed a distinctive style that would define his illustrious career.

Thelwell’s path led him to teaching, where he honed his skills while sharing his knowledge with aspiring artists. His experiences during World War II influenced his artistic discipline and attention to detail, which became evident in his iconic illustrative style.

A significant turning point came when Thelwell began his collaboration with Punch magazine. Over 25 years, his illustrations graced the pages, delighting readers with their humorous and relatable depictions of human behavior. However, it was his portrayal of the Thelwell ponies that secured his legacy. These lovable and sometimes naughty ponies became iconic symbols of humor and equestrian adventures, resonating with both equestrian enthusiasts and a broader audience.

Honoring Norman Thelwell’s creative legacy

Two years ago, Elsbeth Bos from De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam had the opportunity to bring Thelwell’s work to the Netherlands. With the desire to create a captivating and fitting setting for the Living Horse Museum, which is a part of the manege, during the festive December period, Elsbeth set out to find a unique event. This resulted in Thelwell’s Pony Parade. With the presence of the endearing Thelwell ponies in the museum during Christmas, Elsbeth hopes to not only bring magic and nostalgia but also to pass on the love for Thelwell to the next generation of pony and horse enthusiasts.

We are grateful for the involvement of equine art curator Joyce Ter Horst (Paard Verzameld) and Norman Thelwell’s son, David. Their expertise and knowledge have deepened and authentically enriched the exhibition, making it a tribute to Norman Thelwell and his creative legacy.

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Join us at Thelwell’s Pony Parade and experience the timeless appeal of these beloved ponies

Visitors to the Thelwell’s Pony Parade exhibition will have the unique opportunity to see original artwork, sketches, book covers and sketchbooks, as well as personal items and art materials used by the artist. This allows visitors to gain insight into Norman Thelwell’s creative process and further appreciate his artistic contributions.
Join us at Thelwell’s Pony Parade: A Century of Charm and Wit as we celebrate the delightful and enduring legacy of Norman Thelwell. Immerse yourself in his whimsical world and experience the timeless appeal of these beloved ponies.

Thelwell’s Pony Parade: A Century of Charm and Wit
Celebrating the life and legacy of illustrator Norman Thelwell
11 December 2023 – 7 February 2024

De Hollandsche Manege | Levend Paardenmuseum
Vondelstraat 140 Amsterdam

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