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Vision and mission

Living Horse Museum - De Hollandsche Manege

Cultural Heritage​

The mission of the Living Horse Museum is to present the art of horse riding and the world of the horse to the widest possible audience in its historic, monumental environment: De Hollandsche Manege.

The Living Horse Museum develops activities that draw attention to the monument De Hollandsche Manege as cultural heritage.

This concerns the cultural-historical value of the building, but also the traditional dressage activities that make the riding school a special institution in the equestrian world.

Oudste rijschool nederland amsterdam hollandsche manege
Cultureel erfgoed rijschool nederland
Keeping traditions alive

The Living Horse Museum and De Hollandsche Manege bring the classic horse riding art back to life.

Together they manage and cherish the tradition of carousel riding and pass it on to new generations.

As a museum, it is committed to the preservation, management and presentation of the monumental city riding school. This also benefits all objects and activities associated with the riding school.

With our activities we want to increase interest in classical riding and of course we also want to provide more insight into the ins and outs of classical riding. The history, development and significance thereof in relation to De Hollandsche Manege.

We conduct all our activities based on the values; quality, participation and sustainability.

Dameszadel rijden carrousel
Anniversary Medal

On September 11, 2022 we had a very successful open day. On this special day we as Hollandsche Manege received an anniversary medal.

The medal was awarded by alderman Hester van Buren on behalf of the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Not only has the Hollandsche Manege existed for more than 275 years, we also contribute to the city of Amsterdam by making horseback riding possible for everyone.

The Hollandsche Manege works together with Stadspas Amsterdam and Jeugdfonds Sport so that all children can enjoy contact with the horses and ponies.

Jubileum penning gemeente amsterdam
Jubileum penning gemeente Amsterdam
Jubileum penning gemeente amsterdam hollandsche manege

The organisation

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